Vidarbha Youth Welfare Society’s, Amravati

Institute of Pharmacy & Research

Anjangaon Bari Road, Badnera-Amravati
Approved by PCI,New Delhi / DTE,Mumbai. Affiliated To SGBAU, Amravati & MSBTE, Mumbai


Area of Pharmacology & Toxicology Laboratory:- 86.24 Sq.m

Major Instruments/Machine
Actophotometer Sphygmomanometer
Analgesiometer Stethoscope
Histamine Chamber Dissecting Intruments
Electroconvulsiometer Plastic Animal Cage
Pole Climbing Apparatus Double Unit Organ Bath
Telethermometer Anatomical specimen of eye & ear
Haemoglobinometer Stop Watch
Haemocytometer Projection Microscope
Students Organ Bath Disarticulate Human Axial & Appendicular Bone
Frog Board Model Of Skin
Dissecting Stray Model of Male Reproductive System
Frontal Writting Lever Model of Female Reproductive System
Simple Lever Model of Digestive System
Starling Heart Lever Model of Nervous System
Sherington Rotating Drum Height Chart
Computer Dissecting Microscope
Aerator Compound Microscope
System Charts Binocular Microscope
Rotarod Stimulator
Plethysmograph Hutchinson’s Spirometer
Lucas Moist Chamber P’cology Software
Muscle Electrode Hutchinson’s Spirometer
Artery Forceps Peak flow meter
PH Meter Human Skeleton
Symes Cannula
Myographic Lever
Total Cost Of Instruments 3,72,540

Facilities available for 

Biochemical estimation

Hematological estimation

Determine Total WBC, RBC and Differential Leukocyte count

Study of various organ & Charts of the system

Preclinical evaluation for various categories of drugs:

  1. Antidiabetic, Diabetic nephropathy
  2. Analgesic and Antiinflammatory
  3. Neuropharmacological screening
  4. Anticonvulsant
  5. Antihypertensive
  6. Diuretic

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