Vidarbha Youth Welfare Society’s, Amravati

Institute of Pharmacy & Research

Anjangaon Bari Road, Badnera-Amravati
Approved by PCI,New Delhi / DTE,Mumbai. Affiliated To SGBAU, Amravati & MSBTE, Mumbai


Area of Pharmaceutical Laboratory:- 85.50 Sq.m

Major Instruments/Machine
Continuous Hot Extraction Equipment Hand Grinding Mill
Disintegrator Ball mill
Hand operated Tablet machine Polishing pan laboratory size
Tablet Coating Pan unit with hot air blower laboratory size Lab Centrifuge
Tablet disintegration test apparatus IP Tablet dissolution test apparatus IP
Autoclave Hot air sterilizer
Incubator Aseptic cabinet
Capsule filling machine – Lab size Distillation unit for distilled water
Bulk density apparatus Grinder
Ampoule filling and sealing machine Tincture Press
Monsanto’s Hardness Tester Pfizer Hardness Tester
Tablet Counter- Small Size Friability Tester
Collapsible Tube- Filling & Sealing Equipment Digital Balance cap.200gm accuracy 0.01 g
Ampoule Washing Machine Ampoule Clarity Test Equipment
Blender Sieve shaker
Dessicator Heating mentle
Dispensing balance with analytical weight box Homogeniser
Double cone blender Hot plate
Magnetic stirrer Mechanical stirrer
Ph meter Suppository moulds of three size
Thermostatic water bath Vernier calliper
Capsule Counter Conical Percolat
Colony Counter Mortar & Pestle Porcelain
Ointment Slab Mortar & Pestle Glass
Sieve Set Gel Electrophorosis 
Microprocessor base dissolution test apparatus  
Total cost of the instruments 4,62,883.60

Facilities available for 

Method of granulation

Evaluation of tablets

Controlled drug delivery system

Solubility enhancement techniques

Different Processes of extraction

Moulded tablet, compressed tablet preparation

Preparation of injections, sterilization, Aseptic techniques

Novel drug delivery system like implants, prodrug, Nanoparticles

To identify the manufacturing defect in the marketed product

Unit processes in the manufacturing of dosage form like size reduction size separation

Labeling of the different dosage form according to Drug and Cosmetic Act

Development of formulation using economic excipients

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